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COOP Amyntaion

The vineyard of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Amyntaion is located in Amintaio, in Florina.

Eighty years ago, the famed Xinomavro variety of Amyntaio was mainly bought and distributed by the local merchants. In 1930 a wine expert of the Ministry of Agriculture, who had visited the area, gave an inspiring speech to the winegrowers of Amintaio to create their own cooperative.

So, on 20th March 1946 the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Amyntaion was created, which is one of the oldest winemaking cooperatives in Greece.

The winery was founded in 1959 and in the next year the first red wine of the cooperative was for sale and it started being distributed successfully to the local markets of West Macedonia. A landmark for the winemaking history of COOP Amyntaion was the year 1971, when the first experiments to create a sparkling wine from xinomavro (grapes) were more than successful. In 1972 the Greek state identified both the red and the rosé wines as “AMYNTAION Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality”. Actually, the rosé wine is the only one in Greece which has the Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality.

COOP Amyntaion currently consists of 27 first degree cooperatives and 2.250 natural members. It is a legal person governed by private law and its headquarters are in Amintaio. The main purpose of the Union is the reinforcement, expansion and coordination of all its members' activities. The Integrated Management System, which is applied by the COOP Amyntaion in cooperation with the supportive network of agronomists, contributes to the best quality of the grape varieties.