Alpha Estate

ALPHA ESTATE is located at the prefecture of Florina, in the vine location of Amyndeon. It's at a distance of 5km from the settlement of Aghios Panteleimonas.

The estate is located at an influential “geomorphological” position, with a beautiful view of the lakes Petron and Vegoritis. It is at a 5km distance from the settlement of Aghios Panteleimonas and not very far away from the picturesque village of Nymphaion, the beautiful ski resort of Pisoderi (Vigla), Prespes and the cosmopolitan ski station of Aghios Athanasios (Voras- Kaimaktsalan).

ALPHA ESTATE winery is located in the heart of the privately owned vineyards of the viticulture exploitation. That means that transport of the grapes from the vineyard to the winery during harvest is done at the shortest possible time. Close proximity, in combination with transport in special refrigerators and harvest at the coolest hours of the day underline the outmost respect and protection of the organoleptic characteristics of the wine grapes.

Natural gravity, a concept applied from the design of the winery, is exploited throughout the winemaking process, with the minimum possible stress to the raw material. All construction materials are highly inactive and neutral in order to secure absolute neutral atmosphere conditions inside the winery, protecting the quality of the grape, the must and the wine.

The winery equipment installed satisfies the winemakers philosophy: ABSOLUTE RESPECT TO THE ECOSYSTEM, THE VINEGROWER AND THE WINELOVER.

But the most important space of the winery is the underground cellar which houses the oak casks at ideal and optimum conditions all year round. These casks are used for the aging of the ALPHA ESTATE's wines. A specially designed path has been designed and created for the winery visitor in order for him to be able to visit the underground cask cellar without disturbing the quietness of the wines ageing inside the casks. Of course, more details can be obtained with a prescheduled visit to the winery.

Finally, the tasting room is the point where design ends and pleasure begins, as one can taste the ALPHA ESTATE wines. The tasting room is equipped with a thematical presentation room and a shop of wines, books and small wine related articles.

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