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Lake Zazari

Just a few kilometres to the south from Aetos, hidden behind a hill, one may come across with the sky-blue Lake Zazari. Limnochori is a village, situated at its waterside, being the only settlement of the area located by a lake. There is a wide network of forest paths passing through rushes and marshlands around the lake. Despite the human presence, this area is considered to be one of the most important wetlands of Northern Greece and has been added to the network of Natura 2000.

Seven species of amphibians (the 185 species of frogs justify the absence of mosquitoes during summer), many serpents and species of fish such as carps, pikes and tenches have been listed here.

141 species of birds, such as herons, long-legged buzzards, golden and white-tailed eagles build their nests here.

The alternation and playfulness of the light transform this area into a breathtaking landscape.