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Lake Chimaditis

The surplus water of Lake Zazari, passes through the Lake Chimaditis and the surplus water of both lakes ends up in Lake Petron through the Aminta canal. Lake Chimaditis is larger than Lake Zazari, having an area of 10,8 and a maximum length of 6.3 km.

However, it is not so deep with an average depth of 1m and a maximum depth of 2.5m. There is an extended moorland and 70-80% of the lake is covered by rushes. Due to urban and agricultural activities, the lake is under a lot of pressure and it has become euthrophic. It was named after the winter pastures (in Greek: “χειμάδια” (« chimadia”) which can be found in the northwestern area. This is the place where the inhabitants of Lechovo spent the winter with their herds. Rare kinds of birds live here too, of which 100 are of particular importance. It is worth mentioning that the largest population of an endangered species in Greece, the ferruginous duck, lives and reproduces here. There are 60 couples of them. What's more, 12 species of mammals, 7 species of serpents, 7 species of amphibians and fish can be found here.