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Town of Florina

The river Sakoulevas runs through this town, which is built at the foothills of Mt Vitsi. There are magnificent neoclassical buildings at both riverbanks, which along with the abundant plants characterize this town.

It is at a distance of 35 km from Aghios Panteleimonas.

The visitors may start their tour of the town from the Archeological Museum, which is near the train station. There is also the Gallery of Florina's Painters, managed by the Art- club of Florina, which is hosted in one of the old buildings of the train station. From there, one can find the river Sakouleva by going via Ioannou Arti street. The scenery changes according to the season. The leaves of the trees have different colours in Spring or Autumn or in Winter. The hill of Aghios Panteleimonas seems to be close. The visitorss will be impressed by the buildings which represent architectural styles of the past. On the left side of the river, there are the 2nd Primary School, the house of Tegos Sapountzis (1st mayor of the city in 1912), the art studios of two painters from Florina, the Museum of Comtemporary Art and the house of Vogiatzis, which can be seen in many scenes of Theodore Aggelopoulos' film “The beekeeper”. At the right side, there is the art studio of the famous painter Sterikas Koulis, the Orthodox Metropolis, the 3rd junior high school and in the middle there is the building of F.C.F (Philosophical Club of Florina): “Aristotle”, which is the oldest active club of the town. Opposite the club’s building and on the right, there is the 3-storey house of “Peiou”, which is one of the oldest traditional urban mansions of the town. As the tour continues, you will come across the “Square of Justice” (“Plateia Dikaiosinis”), where one can see the preserved public buildings, the abandoned old prison and the Turkish bath (Hammam). As you walk along the riverbank, where the past blends with the present, you will reach the former School of Agriculture, now a TEI (Technological Educational Institution) and Aghios Nikolaos. You can return from the main street: Megalou Alexandrou str., where you will see the 4th primary school (Former Academy of Pedagogy), the court, the former offices of the prefecture, the town hall, an old boarding school, the department of children’s books of the public library “Vasilikis Pitoska”, which is hosted at the “Georgiadis” building and “Diethnes”, where the cultural club of Florina is located. This is where several scenes of Theodore Agellopoulos’ films, starring Marcello Mastroianni, were filmed. If you continue walking a little further, you will see the neobyzantine building of the National Bank of Greece, which was built in 1931. Opposite it, there is a path, which leads to “Exarchos’” house, where the Museum of Contemporary Art will be transferred soon.

Next to the market, on the 1st floor, above the KAPI (Centre of Open Care for the Elderly), you will find the local women’s cooperative “Pelagonia”, which copies and sells traditional costumes, beautiful fichus and wefts. The most popular products which people buy from the market are the Florina Peppers, the hot “trouskes”, beans, mountain tea, apples and strawberries. You can buy souvenirs from the shops with local spoon sweets and the unique woven candles of Florina.

There are many interesting places and pathways in the town and around it, depending on one’s mood and free time. The most beautiful routes are the hill of Aghios Panteleimonas or the pathway by the lake towards Alona.