Ski Resort Kaimaktsalan - Hotel

Even if you are not skiers, you will love the landscape of the mountain and its natural beauty. At the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan you will have the opportunity to come closer to nature.

This mountain is a living organism in which you will enjoy the natural beauty, the fresh air, the calmness, the relaxing and healthy environment.

Spring comes late on Mt Voras- Kaimaktsalan. There is snow until the beginning of May, a fact which is exploited by the winter sport- fans, who can enjoy this beautiful mountain for a longer time.

Kaimaiktsalan is one of the highest Greek mountains with an altitude of 2.524m. At its summit you will find the small chapel of Profitis Elias and the museum- ossuary, which is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who died during the battles of World War 1.

But, you may visit Kaimaktsalan at Easter or summer too, because the chalet of the ski resort remains open all year round and you can enjoy a cup of coffee by admiring the view of Lake Vegoritis.