Bird Watching

Dalmatian Pelecans, white pelecans, lanner falcons, golden eagles, pygmy cormorants, herons, ferruginous ducks, coots, cormorants, buzzards, short-toed eagles, kestrels, snipes, sandpipers, black-winged stilts, pochards, pelegrines, great crested grebes, little grebes, black-necked grebes, kokkinoskelides, red-crested pochards,wigeons, mallards etc.

All those birds nest at the lakes of the area (Vegoritis, Petron, Zazari and Chimaditis).

The lakes serve as resting stopovers and wintering ground for many species of migratory birds, as well as for other species. This is why they are the ideal place for birdwatching.

A mild development model, without many human interventions was applied in this area and this is why the lakes are an exceptional option for birdwatchers. The basic equipment consists of binoculars, photo cameras and love for nature. It is both a scientific activity and a rare aesthetic experience.

This area of 4 lakes, which all belong to the Natura 2000 network, in the Municipality of Amintaio, is the perfect choice for birdwatchers because there is a unique landscape which cannot be found anywhere else in Greece.